You might hate your current job but there are certain benefits attached to it that you cannot deny. By going through this post I hope you will try to manage work-life balance more enthusiastically than the way you are doing right now!

Not everyone can become an entrepreneur or rather choose to be one as being self-employed is not as easy as most people think. If you think you can plan your day the way you wish while being an entrepreneur, think twice!

Running a business needs hours and hours on infinite hard work without the confirmation of outcome and a fixed paycheck. Sometimes years of losses or zero profits lead to a month of profit; in the business language, you call it ‘break-even point’.

The alternative to this situation is to work for someone else; in other words, having a job doesn’t sound sexy sometimes but there are innumerable benefits of having a job, being employed or working for an organization.

Here are a few….

Importance and benefits of having a job and being employed

  1. Unless you have decided to live life as a saint and disown the materialistic world, you need the money and doing a job helps you in generating this valuable necessity of life on regular monthly intervals via a paycheck or salary credited in your bank account.
  2. Usually, the first thing people ask from you after your name is ‘What do you do’ and I am being employed and having a designation attached to your name gives you the confidence to answer this question comfortably with a smile as no one wants to reply that I am unemployed or I do nothing. In short, a job adds to your identity and makes it more acceptable by the community as well your near and dear ones.
  3. The most essential and vital part of doing a job is that you are constantly learning and updating your skills which in the future will act as a stepping stone towards achieving your personnel and professional goals and who knows when you master your skills you can be a top-notch entrepreneur soon.
  4. If you work for an organization, they provide you with all the resources & tools that help you to perform in your job that leads to maximum output and profits. Usually, the organization will spend certain amount of money and resources on teaching you how to use those tools. In simple words, you are learning new things at someone else’s cost.
  5. Your future aspirations might be to create a tech startup or start a restaurant chain. Working for others helps you acquire the necessary skills and the daily chores of running a business. You get an opportunity to be an insider and learn the pros and cons of various business strategies that are adopted by an organization basis the results they deliver.
  6. Doing a job helps you in attaining practical knowledge in a particular field or area of your interest and let you determine whether you should pursue it or look for different work avenues in the future.
  7. Working in an organization and having a job helps you in meeting new people and making a friend that can be beneficial for you on the professional, personal as well as emotional front. You meet people whom you otherwise would not have met and new relations often give rise to new opportunities.
  8. When you go to an office, you tend to interact, communicate and lead people. Doing so, you expand your horizons and improve your marketing, communication presentation and the most important, your leadership skills.
  9. The best part of being employed is that you get a chance to explore new places as you visit them for business, conferences, training and official conclaves where the expenses are borne by the organization you work with plus you get a chance to earn Dearness Allowance (DA) or work-travel related incentives.
  10. Last but not least, the best part of being in a job is that you have fixed working hours and weekly offs. I know people who have owned a business and noticed that they hand long-working hours and have not taken a day off since a long time and still they are earning money to make ends meet; forget about enjoying with friends and family every week.

With all due respect for Entrepreneurs – A hardworking breed that has shaped the world and has created companies and multiple employment opportunities the cold-hard truth is not everyone is made to be self-employed; If not throughout their lives, initially and now you know why I am saying this.

A job can be the first stepping stone towards an Entrepreneurial Success!