Feeding Birds and Animals can change your luck! I am not saying that, but this is a religious and astrological belief and is backed by many ancient Vedic scriptures, especially, in Hinduism.

As an animal lover, you always love your pets, look after them and always work for their welfare without any selfish motive behind it.

From an astrological point of view, caring for animals is a positive addon to your present life Karma and along with it, also appeases many planets in your birth chart and helps you in getting liberated from past life debts.

Let’s find out about the benefits and astrological perspective of feeding birds and animals and the planetary remedies related to it.

Astrological Significance of Feeding Birds and Animals

  1. For Appeasing Planet Sun it is considered beneficial to feed Wheat Rotis to Cows and Jaggery to Monkeys on Sundays.
  2. To get the blessings of Planet Moon one should feed Wheat Flour Balls to Fish or a White Cow and also give water to Cows on Mondays.
  3. One should feed Gram (Chana) and Jaggery (Gudh) to Monkeys on Tuesdays to please planet Mars.
  4. To appease planet mercury, one should feed Green Grass or Fodder to Cows and Millet (Bajra) to Pigeons and should not keep birds in cages. The best day to do so is Wednesday.
  5. To get the blessings of planet Jupiter soaked Gram Lentils (Chana Daal) and Jaggery should be offered to Cows and horses and Corn to Pigeons on Thursdays.
  6. Friday is considered auspicious to please planer Venus and get his blessing. On this day one should offer Milk to Cats or feed wild fishes.
  7. On Saturdays, one should feed Buttered or oiled chapattis to Black Dogs and to Black Cows to get blessing planet Saturn related to Lord Shani.
  8. For planet Rahu, one should feed green grass or fodder to Buffaloes and if possible leaves to an Elephant and for planet Ketu as per astrology, it is advised to keep a Pet Dog, a Cow or a Rabbit and take good care of them or feed Sesame Seeds with sugar to Ants.
  9. For getting blessings of all planets it is said to give part of your food to a Cow every day.
  10. Feeding a squirrel is considered to have a positive impact on your life and by strengthening your luck, gain comfort through your hard work.

The Takeaway

Providing food to Birds and Animals can not only improve your planetary position but as I mentioned earlier, is also considered prudent to get rid of past life debt’s, problems related to finances and children.

As per astrology, it is believed that keeping food and water for birds or feeding a dog or a cow on regular basis, increases one’s prosperity, eliminates conflicts, lessens the impact of past life sins and brings victory in court cases.

As per Vedas or ancient Holy Scriptures, it is believed that feeding birds and animals regularly helps in combating the ill effects of planets in your horoscope and also helps to boost your good karma as in Hindu mythology; animals and birds have taken an eminent place and played a crucial role as vehicles and supporters of many gods and goddesses.