Before talking about Gardening Benefits let’s try to find out what all is required to lead a happy and healthy life. Here good health merely doesn’t mean the absence of bad health symptoms; it means experiencing overall well-being and whereas being happy relates to true long-term inner peace and tranquility.

You will be surprised to know that our environment is capable of providing us both if we try and contribute to it in some manner and here is where the importance of gardening lies.

Gardening can be on many types, it may be planting plants and trees in your backyard, space in front of your home, planting indoor plants, community, vertical, rooftop, kitchen or container gardening.

Let’s find out the top benefits of General, Container, Vertical, and Rooftop Gardening:

Advantages of Gardening

  1. Happiness Booster

The entire process of gardening apart from health benefits provide many psychological and emotional benefits and tend to improve your quality of life, community engagement, satisfaction, and happiness levels.

  1. Organic Food Source

The health benefits of gardening including backyard gardening, community and kitchen gardening include the possibility of growing and cultivating your own organic, nutritional, tasty and healthy herbs, fruits and vegetables and staying away from the harmful effects of pesticides used commercially.

  1. Enriches Self-Esteem and Sense of Accomplishment

Maybe you’re someone who has always assumed that you do not have a green thumb. But after planting, nurturing and growing plants, you might break the assumption. You will become a person who can grow things, look after them and contribute to Mother Nature and the environment. In short, you will see yourself as a person who is a little more in tune with the earth. And that will give a boost to your self-esteem and the happiness of accomplishing new tasks each day.

There is nothing like looking your planted babies grow and prosper.

  1. Good for your Heart and Weight Management

Do you know you’re continuously burning calories and strengthening your heart while you’re out in the garden? Activities such as gardening apart from projects and housework is good and a little strenuous form of exercise that offers excellent health rewards plus it also helps in healthy weight management and weight loss.

Studies have also shown that a kind of good bacteria ‘M.vaccae’ is found in the soil that when comes in contact with humans provides certain health benefits. It is primarily to increase levels of serotonin and reduce anxiety.

  1. Excellent Stress Buster

Have you ever imagined why most of the retired and Senior Couples spend a lot of time in their gardens? Yes, you are right! Gardening can lower your stress hormones (cortisol) immensely.

According to a study, gardening is a wonderful way to keep stress and depression at bay.

Even young people have reported when they involve themselves with different activities of gardening feel far more relaxed and happy as it gives them some time away from the hustle and bustle of the modern world and its increasing demands.

  1. Combats Loneliness

Gardening has the ability to combat loneliness as gardens can be a happy and healthy way to engage you. Remember, you have your plant family that needs to be looked after, nurtured and for this, you must spend quality time with them and you will soon start treating them as a part of your family; not only providing you

Recent research had also shown that community gardening program can strengthen family relationships too.

  1. Good Sleeping Aid

Gardening makes you tired in a positive way, enabling you to sleep better.

  1. Improves Body Strength and Coordination

Using your hands, legs, and body in coordination while you dig, plant, water or fertilize your plants immensely improves your body strength and coordination, especially your hands.

  1. Appreciation of Property Looks and Value

A good garden and planted area does not only beautify and improvises the looks of your home or property but also enhances its value.

  1. Natural Vitamin D Dose

While you are in the garden and involved in its activities, you get a dose of your most essential hormone or vitamin; whatever you call it. Yes, I am talking about ‘Vitamin D’ that is crucial for many bodily functions and protects us from a number of chronic diseases, including cancer.

The Takeaway

Gardening is not only good for financial and physical health, but it is also the best way to support the environment and save it for our future generations.