It’s really difficult to imagine life after a breakup?

Most of us get extremely scared with such kind of thought. But what if it happens? Is it the end of life, or rather beginning a happy life – who knows?

No, my friend, a breakup is not at all end of the world!

Though I am sound a bit fanatic, the truth is that there are always two sides of a coin and everything that we experience or comes in our life, no matter harsh it looks to have some pros and cons attached to it.

Life after a breakup sounds like as you are left alone on an isolated island, but things are not always the way they seem to be.

Nobody likes break-ups, neither you nor me, but there’s a reason behind why the end of a relationship isn’t the end of the world.

They can prove to be beneficial if you take it positively. Put simply, meeting the right person one day requires that you say goodbye to one who is not your true soul mate.

Breakups are seen as a dramatic experience that impacts you emotionally, but there’s nothing wrong with going through this rough patch in life and experiencing such emotions if you have chosen the wrong counterpart. On the other hand, such an experience helps you to become more watchful and mindful of what works for you and what doesn’t.

It is important to be positive in life and deeply understand the benefits of life after a breakup, especially when you’re feeling low and going through this awkward phase.

Why Stay Positive After a Breakup?

  1. Chance to decide between Right and Wrong

Now that your relationship has ended and you are trying to get over it, you get the chance to evaluate the pros and cons, the dos and don’ts the relationship that existed and what you want from the one that is ahead.

Yes, almighty has planned everything for you even your ultimate life partner. But sometimes sweet things come in your life with a pinch of salt and pepper and for this, you have to let destiny play its role.

You can be left alone in life if you run after perfection, but not if you try to be human.

  1. Chance to let you Believe in yourself

If things didn’t work out after giving your 100% in a relationship, analyze and realize that the other person you were dealing with wasn’t the one that was made for you or wasn’t the one who deserves you.

No one gets ‘Miss or Mr. Perfect’. Everyone in a relationship should have to compromise a bit and if you are dealing with someone who wants perfection, then better move ahead.

If someone left you because he or she felt that you are not 100% perfect or right, then definitely you have the chance to find someone even better.

  1. Thank God – you are Safe

Rather than cribbing and complaining about what has happened, thank god for saving you from an awful future due to the wrong person in your life and giving you a chance to select the right person who can make each day of your life wonderful and worth living.

Staying in a relationship with a wrong person is easier than breaking up. But at the end of the day, it’s healthier to be alone rather than living with the wrong person.

  1. You get some quality time for self-analysis and Improvement

Being in a relationship is time-consuming in a lot of ways, including the fact that you might be putting someone else’s precedence and needs ahead of your own, compromising with your career or priorities.

The gap period between your ex and lifelong relationship can prove a boon for you in terms of following your dream career or reinventing yourself, the way you imagine yourself or dream about your future and give it shape accordingly.

  1. Be Yourself

Post-breakup you might put on some weight from a little bit of comfort eating which I am sure so will bring under control as the time machine keeps moving.

On the beneficial part, you can dress the way you want, engage on social media without any hitches or party with a friend or even make new friends without any rules and regulations that are forced upon you for being in a relationship.

In short, you can see whomever you want, whenever you want.

  1. Explore your creativity

Rather than sitting and regretting what has happened, try to be creative, follow your passion or try to discover your unexplored talent which can make evolve you as a person.

  1. Time is yours!

Now after a breakup you are left with a whole lot of time, then why not make it productive and plan your schedule around you, your career and unexplored dreams and become more matured and focused in life and learn from the mistakes we have made in the past.

  1. More Disposable income and Savings

As the heading suggests, I am sure you can evaluate what I mean to say. The money you save now can be used to fulfill your wishes that were on hold till now and further can be invested for a secured future.

  1. Digital Break

No telephone calls

No text messages

No WhatsApp messages

No stalking

Doesn’t it sound a bit relaxing after what you have been continuously doing for days, months or years?

  1. You have a chance of meeting someone better

Doesn’t that excite you! You still have the chance to meet your better half…who is still waiting to be discovered by you!

The Takeaway

When God closes a door, He opens a window. So, when you lose out on a partner, you find someone else who is better instead. Don’t forget, you always have a chance of meeting someone better!