No one likes a lockdown as in such a scenario; we are forced to spend time at home. Also, under a complete lockdown not only the economy of any country suffers, but it also has a global negative impact too.

A long-term lockdown can severely impact the tourism and manufacturing sector of a country and can even lead to crises related to jobs and food. But, in case of a virus outbreak or a pandemic, why the decision of a lockdown taken by the government of a particular country is considered beneficial?

Top Benefits of a Lockdown in context with an Epidemic

  1. Safeguards us against viral infection and also helps in minimizing the risk of spreading the virus to others (community transmission).
  2. Unintended benefits – nature and our environment including water bodies, animals, and plants get a chance to recover, heal, and flourish which is extremely beneficial for humanity.
  3. We get quality time to relax, discipline ourselves, clean our homes and belongings, learn new things and spending time with our family which nowadays is getting difficult to do with the hustle and bustle of the modern world.
  4. Looking at the negative outcome of a pandemic we tend to be more empathetic towards others and thankful to God for protecting us where thousands and thousands of people lose their lives and countless people suffer due to lack of adequate food and money. Post lockdown we all should try to forget the negative consequences of the lockdown and work towards a better tomorrow and a better world for our children but do not forget to be empathetic. The world will need good people to heal it and rejuvenate.
  5. In a virus outbreak, we become more aware and grateful for our country’s key workers such as doctors, nurses, health workers, police staff and cleaning staff, etc.
  6. In the period of lockdown where everyone somehow faces the scarcity of materials they acquire on regular basis, we now find it very easy to identify what is important and what is not and how being materialistic does not always bring happiness in the long-term.
  7. The lockdown, at least in part, contributes to a noticeable drop in pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.
  8. We start respecting our environment, our families, people who work for us and form a crucial part of our livelihoods and natural resources. The fear of the next virus outbreak or natural calamity makes us more responsible and mentally prepared to do what is best and in favor of your family and the entire mankind as a virus knows no boundaries and no religion. In short, what is good for the environment and its inhabitants will be good for you. A lesson learned by certain harsh circumstances while you live in lockdown will help a long way while you step outside and live and lead a normal life again.
  9. We get to know how our country and its citizens act in case of a lockdown and how sincerely they obey the orders. We also get to ascertain the strength of our government and the efficiency of our leaders as to how they pave the future path to fight the disease and plan to keep a check on it in the future. If you think the government is not doing its work up to the mark, I bet you will never waste your vote on them next time.
  10. Last but the most important part is that a lockdown stops us from acting as a carrier of the disease and gives enough time to the government to take appropriate measures like sanitization, the arrangement of quarantine homes, medical and testing kits, hospital equipment, food supply for the unprivileged, etc. etc. and plan the way forward in the interest of its citizens.

To conclude I will only ask everyone who is reading this article to believe in God and he will always help us to come out of any difficult situation, a pandemic, or a calamity.

Our role is to help the needy, take preventive measures, and support the government. Let’s also pray to the Almighty that he heals the world and makes it even a better place to live in for every one of us including plants and animals.