Before we discuss further on this subject, it is important to understand why Technology is beneficial in the first place.  An integrated technology curriculum provides countless benefits to students and staff and the whole education system as it makes transfer and information from the teachers to the students faster, easier and more accessible.

Let’s see how technology plays an important role in education today.

Merits and Advantages of Technology in Education

  1. Better Communication Medium – With the technological advancements today, and the use of cell phones, students can easily communicate problems and emergencies with their parents when they are at school and need their support. This has made the lives of our children more secure.
  2. Easy Information Access – With the usage of digital technology, computers, laptops and Smartphone’s and the availability of powerful search engines like Google, answer to any question can be found with a few clicks of the keys on the computer or smartphone and make understanding of a subject, project or assignment easier
  3. Knowledge Bank – Before the internet, children knew what their family taught them and their development was restricted to books and knowledge of their parents and teachers. Having access to the technology if opened new avenues for children and they can explore things that they are passionate about and want to build their career in.
  4. Learning with Fun – New methods of teaching via audio and visual aids have introduced fun into the classroom and has made the process of learning interactive and interesting with an element of fun added to it.
  5. Coping with Technology – In the working world which is equipped with technology and keeps advancing continuously, introducing technology in schools, colleges and the entire education system at an early stage helps children to manage their future initiatives or a job with ease and excel in it with the help and support of technology.
  6. Each One Teaches One – Educated children who know how to make the best use of technology can teach their parents and elders how to use technology to make their lives simpler and better.
  7. Improves Self-esteem – Beyond skills, studies have shown that integrating  technology with curriculum improves students’ self-image and self-esteem as the use of digital tools have positive impact on student attitudes toward self- learning as well as students ability to master in a subject in which he is average or wants to explore for better clarity and command.
  8. Aid for students with Special Needs – For students with unique or special needs, technology can be specifically tailored to suit individual requirements.
  9. Storage of Data – Through the use of various digital tools, teachers and librarians can also offer students increased access to knowledge and innovative opportunities in digital formats and this, on the other hand, can be cost-effective as well environment-friendly, as we are saving paper and ultimately the trees from getting targeted.
  10. Global Interaction and Exposure – With the use of video conferences and chats it is much easier for students and the teaching staff to interact with students and experts of different cultures and geographical locations. This is important as not only the brains are changing in modern society, but the world is changing constantly as well.

I hope you agree, technology in education today had made students access to a host of valuable learning processes much simpler and informative that were earlier not available through the traditional school and teaching formats.