Google Analytics is the best analytical tool for website developers, SEO professionals as well as bloggers to get a deeper understanding of your site or App’s traffic (visitors) and customers.

The best part of using Google Analytics is that it provides various tools under one roof to analyze your business data. Let’s quickly find out the top ten reasons why you should be using it if you want your business, blog or website to stand out from your competition!

Importance and Merits of using Google Analytics

  1. It’s Free of Cost

Google Analytics is to date the most used advanced free analytical tool that you can use to track data and know-how visitors interact and associate with your business website. It’s particularly helpful to optimize your blog or marketplace (E-commerce) for year on year growth in traffic as well as sales.

The best part here is that it has many more functionalities when compared with other paid analytical tools.

  1. Effective SEO Campaign

During an SEO (search engine optimization) campaign, Google Analytics will facilitate you to track the performance of your keywords and optimize them better to run a successful promotional campaign. It will give you ready insights, as to how much traffic each of the keywords is attracting which has been deployed by you.

  1. Better Understanding of Demographics

Google tools help you to better understand the demographics and psychographics of visitors that associate or engage with your website. You tend to get a better picture of how your website is being seen or accepted globally by getting data of visitor’s location, interest and time spent on your business website.

The data that you will obtain from Google Analytics is detailed and reliable, especially in targeting the precise web traffic that converts.

  1. Helps in Content Planning

Website content is one of the most crucial and vital traffic drivers. Without quality and deeply connected content, there are fewer chances that you will achieve your business goals or rank your keywords and website.

If your E-commerce store or online shop is reflecting just products without descriptive content supporting it then chances of ranking as well as visitor’s conversion in sales are very less.

Google Analytics by regularly monitoring your content and by giving you positive as well as negative feedbacks enables you to cover up the content loopholes, as well as the readability and layout issues on both desktop and mobile versions of your web pages.

Analytics makes it easier for you to understand your content capabilities and issues and how your site and app users are engaging with your content and help you to analyze what’s working and what’s not.

Analyzing your web content via Google analytics tools you can identify which product or post which is popular, as well as captures the most number of page views.

  1. Sales and Marketing Booster

The content report also gives you some valuable insights into the conversion rate of your posts. Hence, you can pinpoint which topic your visitors are most interested in that will eventually lead to sales. You will have the capacity to know which are the famous pages and links and measure whether your optimization campaign is guiding the traffic to the right pages.

With this, you will have the capacity to know what number of new visitors that your search engine optimization campaign brings to you. You can segment your analytic result by new/returning visitors, topography and referral sources.

  1. Easy to Use

With a relatively basic setup; Google analytics tools are easy to use and require simple set-up o set-up and new users can use advanced features and tools as they acquire deeper knowledge in the field of web development or you can even take advantages of SEO services to provide your crucial data and insights in a simpler form.

  1. Customizable Reports

Using GA gives you the freedom to customize the web statistical reports with an easy drag and drop interface which further facilitates in providing you imminent business-boosting and improvisation opportunities basis availability of comparative data-driven by different dimensions and metrics in a single report.

  1. Informative Notifications

Google Analytics is a unique platform for any kind of a person who has some sort of relation with the World Wide Web in terms of business and by using these tools you get useful notification from time to time from Google emphasizing on your website’s performance in a period of time or since inception.

Along with average and total page views, time spent (session duration), device segmentation, bounce rate, traffic flow, page popularity there are a whole lot of other important reports and insights about which Google notifies you regularly and periodically basis various comparisons are done at the backend.

These valuable inputs help you to work on the grey areas and improve the overall web performance of your product or service being offered by your app or site.

  1. Reports delivered in your Inbox

Apart from tools with rich features and usability, Google also provides Google Analytics users informative performance reports periodically in your inbox which further helps you to share useful information with your customers, internal, as well as external stakeholders and advertisers.

  1. Better Understanding of Market Scenario

With insights and ability to measure the quantum of organic and internal searches and what people are searching across your website and how are they interacting with the ads placed on it, gives you the privilege to make further enhancements and effective changes in product portfolio along with deeper rooting of website navigation and customized product offerings.

The Takeaway

Google Analytics will open up a world of information related to your website performance. Using these awesome tools, you acquire the capacity to fine-tune your website and take it in a positive direction.

It is undoubtedly the most popular and free website metrics and analytical tool available which allows us to monitor our website’s growth and traffic.

So get started! What are you waiting for? All that is needed to set it up in minutes is a Gmail account. Set your goals and take your business to new heights with the usage of effective analytics tools provided by Google.