You often look at several factors while investing in a house or a shop or even an office. Apart from the cost of accusation and quality of construction you also look at the area, the surroundings, and the architecture and this is where the importance of Vastu Shastra lies as in simple words it translates into “science of architecture”.

Let’s find out the tips and significance of making your space Vastu-compliant and how it may truly benefit you and your near and dear ones, including your personal and professional life. The principles of Vastu Shastra are based on five elements that are air, water, fire, earth, and space.

Rules and Advantages of Vastu Shastra

  1. Say yes to Natural Sunlight

Vastu Shastra is known to create balance in your life, home, and at your workplace and tends to invite positive energies and helps keep out any negative energy. Make sure the entrance of the house or workplace is located either towards the north or the north-east as it is the ideal direction for sunlight coming into your place. In short your home or office, if possible, should have a good amount of natural light.

  1. Stay or Work in a Well Ventilated Place

Your house, office area, or even your balconies should have a very good ventilation system as it is said that by doing so you keep the flow of energies constant and they do not get stagnant at one place keeping the aura positive.

  1. A Simple Way to Serene Sleep

Bedrooms in a Vastu are suggested to be positioned in the south, south-west or the west as placing them in any other direction may disrupt your sleeping and may trigger stress, anxiety, and anger.

  1. Food that you Relish

The kitchen which is considered a very revered space of any household, especially in Hinduism is said to be governed by the ‘Aagneya’ or ‘Agni’ the fire element and is advised to be located in the south-east corner of a house.

  1. Hygiene at its Best!

The location of the Toilet (bathrooms) in a house or workplace should be either in the southern or the south-west corner and proper ventilation should be ensured for a hygienic and infection-free atmosphere.

  1. Avoid Barriers

Avoid any kind of barriers or even staircases running from the middle of the house or office as by doing so you will not only obstruct the passage of energies and sunlight but will also make the place congested which will further lead to negativity in the ambiance.

  1. Make your Living Room Vibrant and full of Light

The living room should be situated in such a place where natural light is abundant and should look vibrant and have such detailing that you can view plants and artifacts placed in the surroundings. This helps in boosting inner peace and calm. As per Vastu Shastra, a fish tank can be kept in an in the South-West corner or after consulting a Vastu specialist where it’s easily visible as it is said to attract wealth, enhance prosperity, and tranquility.

  1. Place of Divinity

The most special place in any home or office is where we pray to God and worship them and hence it is also the most significant indicator of positivity and happiness that surrounds our place. The temple or place of worship if made Vastu-complaint can bring good health, prosperity, and happiness in the house and work area and spreads over to your family and staff members. A temple placed in the northeast direction or center of the house or office is said to be auspicious (Brahmasthan) and can help in the overall well-being of the intimates.

  1. Cleanliness is the Key to Happiness

A Vastu-compliant space that is clean and clutter-free is known to enhance your mental skills, Creativity, and happiness to a large extent and leads to an enlightened mind. You should also see that the artifacts, decorative items such as lamps, flower pots, etc. placed on the floor including your furniture should not be too close (Sticky) to the wall as they may disrupt the flow of positive energies.

  1. Helps in Staying Focused

Study rooms or working areas are very important in any house, especially for children. For better concentration and focus, a study room or work area should have the correct placement of furniture and fixtures. It should be built in the east, the north or the northeast direction of your residence. One should face the north, the east, or the northeast direction while studying or working and avoid facing towards the south the west or the southwest direction Avoid sitting facing a window, a mirror, a door or a blank wall can lead to distraction. As per Vastu, square or rectangular study tables are perfect and other circular shapes should be avoided. The color of the walls should be light. Yellow is the best color you can go opt for as it represents knowledge.

Bonus: To attract wealth, inner peace, and pacify planetary problems according to Vastu, feeding birds is the best option. Place a bird feeder in the north, the northwest, or the east direction in your garden, balcony, or backyard and ensure the birds get ample fresh air, natural light, clean drinking water, and open space to freely fly around.

The Takeaway

A building, place of living, or working, if designed according to the Vastu principles may positively affect the individuals- physically, psychologically, and spiritually and may provide good health, comfort, love, and harmony.